• Why choose us?

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Learn from a team of international experts

Our team of hand-picked tutors are all highly qualified, skilled and have years of experience in aesthetic medicine. Our learning modules have been formulated specifically for aesthetic practitioners (doctors, nurses and dentists) by some of the world’s most prominent aesthetic doctors, surgeons, dental surgeons and academics. This ensures exceptional educational quality and we are confident that when you complete our courses, you will be well equipped to embark on a successful career in aesthetic medicine.

Small group teaching

At EIAM, we are very strict about the number of tutors we have relative to the number of delegates. To ensure you receive individual attention, only a maximum of 20 delegates are enrolled into each cadaver training course. Providing outstanding cadaver training is reliant on ensuring that all our delegates get enough time to examine the cadaver specimen heads under the close supervision of our expert tutors. Therefore, we allocated one cadaver head to only a maximum of five delegates. This ratio allows for a highly practical, closely supervised course where our delegates get ample opportunity to learn and progress, taking full advantage of this unique learning opportunity.

Use of fresh frozen cadavers

To provide first class learning opportunity to practise and refine your injection techniques in conjunction with the acute analysis and understanding of 3D facial anatomy, we use only fresh frozen cadaver in our courses. In other words, the cadaver specimens are as close as you can get to the real thing.

Full unlimited access to cadaver heads

Over the two training days, you will have full and unlimited access to the cadaver specimens. The entire course takes place at the Anatomy Department, and as such, you are not limited by the amount of time you have on the cadaver heads to learn and practise. Every cadaver has a designated tutor to teach and supervise your learning and we have on-site anatomists on standby to assist us should the need arise. This is a unique feature of our course.

Innovative teaching format

To ensure you benefit the most out of your cadaver training course, you will be taught in a relaxed teaching environment and each day consists of a lively mix of lectures, case studies, practical and group discussions.

World class training facilities

Your cadaver training course will be held within the unique campus ground of the University of Malta Medical School in the anatomy lab.

Course materials

Each delegate will receive a comprehensive reading and referencing materials to ensure that you get the most out of the training course. At EIAM, we are dedicated to ensuring that the two-day training course is just the start of your learning experience with us.